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The Dark History of Sunglasses Sunglasses have a dark history, but a brilliant future. The history of sunglasses can be traced back to Roman Emperor Nero who watched the cheap oakleys gladiator competitions through polished light emerald green gems held up to his eyes. The invention of sunglasses was somewhere between 1268 and 1289. A […Read more]

Vision @ Euroshop 2014 – Düsseldorf – February, 16th – 20th

Euroshop 2014 is the right place where Vision can show the very brand new collections together with the VISION WORLDWIDE project, that’s to say its business expansion planning in the world, by the grand opening of new showrooms and branches in foreign markets. Chic, VProject, Fabric, Elite Kids are the brand new mannequins collection shown […Read more]

New SPAZIO VISION @ via Savona 97, Milan

SPAZIO VISION looks forward to welcoming to you to our new prestigious Milan show room located in via Savona 97. A permanent 350 sqm showcase area dedicated to the most beautiful mannequins in the world.